Work Place Injury

Many people don’t know that there are firms available all over the country to help you if you have been effected by an accident in your workplace.

Workplace injuries are one of the Niche areas in personal Injury law where people are sceptical about starting a claim in fear of their stability and ongoing employment. The answer is simple if you have been involved in a work place accident due to negligence of your employer that has left you physically emotionally or financially worse off you should be looking into processing a claim. Your employment rights are unaffected and a Personal injury solicitor who specializes in Accident in the work place will be able to speak to you in regards to the law that protects you when making such a claim.

There are many reasons why you may need to claim for a work place accident. We have probably all been involved in a working day where time constraints have been put upon us deadlines are due to meet or you have been asked to complete a task that falls out of your perimeter of your job. In these situations is where statistics see the highest level of work place injuries.  You may be encouraged to work in such a way that is dangerous to you and do so as you are feeling pressure from senior members off staff to do so. There could be simple process that are not followed how things are disposed. Or maybe you have been asked to take part in a business move or office change around and not been briefed on how to carry out the task safely and correctly. These sort of situations are so common in every day working life and when an injury occurs in the work place it normal is a result of working pressure or carrying out tasks beyond the call of duty.

If this has happened to you then you may be entitled to compensation and a personal injury solicitor would be able to help you to see if this is available. You may feel you do not have the financial resource to be able to take on a large company. That is why many of the personal injury solicitors that work in this field work on a no win no fee basis. This is where there is an insurance policy taken out to ensure that if your case is lost that the costs are recouped. The insurance company as appose to you pays for the lost court case in No Win No Fee case. This can help as you are safe in the comfort that your claim is going to be taken seriously and you have the financial backing to raise a fair claim.

If you can relate to some of the statements in this article maybe it’s a good idea to discuss the situation with a local Personal Injury Solicitor.

Crash Compensation Who Can Be Entitled

Motor accidents account for over half of personal injury claims processed per year. It is a huge part of the personal injury law market. There can be many ways you are effected by a personal injury when being involved in a road traffic accident. Some examples are below:



Over my many years of following this niche of the law industry I have seen successful claims be processed for passengers of the car involved in the crash. This can even be if it was deemed as their drivers fault. Passengers can be badly effected in a road traffic accident you should speak to a personal injury solicitor. If you were involved as a passenger in a car crash and as a result where unable to work. Then you should contact a Personal Injury Solicitor who would be able to help you and start your claim.


If you have been a driver of a car involved in crash or any form of road traffic accident that was not your fault. You may be entitled to compensation. After many road traffic accident there is a lot of financial and medical implications that can occur. You could have a loss of earnings due to being unable to work or not being able to travel to work. If your car has been written off their maybe medical bills involved if you need to go for physiotherapy Prescription costs and so forth. There are many personal injury solicitors that have worked in this field. You can find them through searching the web or personal recommendations. It would be worthwhile talking to one to see if you have claim that could compensate you for the injury you were involved in that was not your fault.


As a pedestrian being involved in a road traffic accident can be massive ordeal and you will more than likely be not at fault. Pedestrians are very vulnerable and normally are one of the worst parties effected medically in road traffic accident. This is just because of the vulnerable situation of having no protection as if you were a passenger in the car involved with airbags and so forth. If you are a pedestrian that has been involved in a road traffic accident you should get in touch with your local personal injury solicitor to ensure that you are being compensated and there is a professional looking after you in this time.

I hope you have found the post informative. You should now be aware that if you are in the unfortunate situation of being involved in a road traffic accident. You should contact your local personal injury solicitor to see how they can help.

New Sponsor Announced: The IT Support London HQ

We are pleased to announce that this week we agreed a deal with the IT Support HQ for them to become the latest and newest sponsor of the Tickled By Thunder blog and website for 2014 and 2015.  After some fierce negotiations with this awesome London IT support company, we finally agreed on some numbers and business deals whereby they will support our riders, adventurers and sports men and women over the next 24 months.

James McDonald of the IT Support London HQ had this to say about the new sponsorship agreement and deal earlier this week (syndicated via press release too).

“As a long time fan of extreme sports and adventures, I am really happy about our partnership with the Tickled By Thunder website. We will be actively involved in their events, and are going to be financing their team apparel, equipment, and journeys to far flung destinations around the world.  As fitness fanatics ourselves, we feel that IT Support London HQ’s involvement with this project is a great match and we can’t wait to see some of the videos that the team start to produce of their latest adventures.”

Want More Details from IT Support London HQ?

For more details on the sponsorship agreement you can visit IT Support London HQ.  The first glimpse of how our sponsorship will work will be the base jumping project due to commence in September of 2014 in some of major cities in the United Kingdom including London.

Want to Sponsor Tickled By Thunder?

We are still looking for more sponsors, including one to help us finance our activity in the Red Bull London event.  If you feel that your company would be a good fit – and you don’t need to be IT support related in any way, then please get in touch with us to discuss the various options currently available.

The Word “Impossible” Is Not in Our Vocabulary

Hello and welcome to Tickled By Thunder. We are storm chasers, thrill seekers, and adventurists. We live life to the max, we seek out new experiences, we don’t accept no for an answer and the word “impossible” is not in our vocabulary.  We will be sharing our out of World adventures and experiences on Tickled by Thunder over the next few years, with new pieces of video, photography, and awesome ideas that you can do to – but only if you are a true thrill seeker – and a person who has been “Tickled by Thunder”!