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Teachers may want to enquire about our perfect bound soft cover books, perfect for a class writing project! 

Student Writing (Expressions). . .

Students may send submissions via online form (no need to be a subscriber!)

Our Centre Spread is Reserved for Student Writers!!

Expressions -- A Compilation of Feelings, is a "conversation on paper," where students can feel free to reveal their feelings, ideas and achievements inside Tickled by Thunder fiction magazine. We invite students to submit their short stories and poetry to Tickled by Thunder as soon and as often as possible!

Teachers are welcome to encourage their students to participate. Alternatively, teachers might consider publishing a class chapbook. We'd be happy to assist you with this project! Two student chapbook covers can be seen here.

Students -- submit your manuscript using our Online Form!

Below is a sample of the incredible writing we are publishing from young people . . .


By Whitney Warkentin (12-years-old)
Keewatin, Ontario

I sit and listen but hear nothing
I sit and look but see nothing
I sit and smell but smell nothing
I am lonely and alone.

There is nothing here to reach out to
There is nothing here to feel
I am lost in nothing
and I am lonely and alone
Here I sit in nothing.


Cover (left) is how Expressions "A Compilation of Feelings" began its life in 1993 (as a perfect bound book) -- thanks to Bill Braisher, then living in Richmond, British Columbia (now living in Golden, British Columbia).

“A Compilation of Feelings”

The book was 188 pages and included 127 poems / fiction / art.

Student Poems / Fiction / Art Included:

  1. Amy Woods, Steely's Secondary, Thought No. 5
  2. Kyra Robinson, Magee Secondary, The Picasso of Poetry
  3. Eva Poleski, Guildford Work & Learn, Time is Running Out!
  4. Morgan Amon, Edward Milne Community, Torn By Love
  5. Liat N. Morgan, Mayne Junior Secondary, Daddy's Prayer
  6. Vanessa V. Mani, Kitsilano Secondary, Beauty
  7. Sarah Sophia Dykstra, Kelowna Secondary, Francis Crewe
  8. Sarah Johnston, Edward Milne Secondary, Reality
  9. Cory Mason, Colquitz Junior Secondary, There's a Forest Out There
  10. Amanda Hamelin, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, The Wolf
  11. K. Taylor, Langley Fine Arts, The Song My Mother Sang Me
  12. Nikki Paton, Nechako Valley Secondary, Hiding
  13. Ryan Hake, R.C. Palmer Junior Secondary, The Hands of Love
  14. Carolyn Berge, Kelowna Secondary, Obsession
  15. Anonymous, Langley Fine Arts, Fear
  16. Tabitha Willson, Kelowna Secondary, Painful Dreams
  17. Alysa Fairchild, Argyle Secondary, Untitled
  18. Matthew Mitton, Golden Secondary, Eerie Moves in Mysterious Ways
  19. David Emond, Kelowna Secondary, Eagle
  20. Anonymous, Langley Fine Arts, The Middle of Nowhere
  21. Lisa Neilson, Laurie Junior Secondary, No Place
  22. Eva Chu, Colquitz Junior Secondary, The Limerick
  23. Brian Dutkewich, Stelly's Secondary, My Igloo
  24. Anonymous, Langley Fine Arts, Mapless
  25. Kelly L.B. Robinson, Cedar Junior Secondary, Fling
  26. Laura-Marie Elliott, Kamloops Secondary, Pink Glasses
  27. Alisha Schindelka, Canada Way Education Center, Love and Emotion
  28. Crystal Bugden, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Picture Perfect
  29. Lisha S. Gunn, Belmont Secondary, The Girl in the Field
  30. J.D. Zack, R.C. Palmer Junior Secondary, Black
  31. Aurora, L.V. Rogers Secondary, Untitled
  32. W. Cheng, Windermere Secondary, Loving You to Death
  33. Katie Duncan, Colquitz Junior Secondary, Figure Skating
  34. Kyla N. McDonald, Elphinstone Secondary, Death
  35. Kelly L.B. Robinson, Cedar Junior Secondary, Alone
  36. Alan Duncan, Guildford Work & Learn, Just a Quiet Farm
  37. Tawnya Bossi, Kelowna Secondary, False Friend
  38. Mathew Hoope, Nechako Valley Secondary, Tomorrow
  39. Claire Saez Co, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, A Fairy Tale
  40. Michelle Fraser, Prince George Secondary, Symptoms of Reality
  41. Aurora, L.V. Rogers Secondary, Rainy Days
  42. Aila Omar, Elkford Secondary, Man in the Mirror
  43. Noa Nygen, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, The Old Man
  44. Ginger Mckee, Nechako Valley Secondary, My Life
  45. Marnie Smith, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Tolgether We Can Achieve Great Things
  46. Matt Birosh, Hudson's Hope Secondary, True Feelings
  47. Clayddin, Kelly Road Secondary, Huh?
  48. Kory, Kelly Road Secondary, The Meaning of War
  49. Eva Poleski, Guildford Work & Learn, Deep Peace
  50. Ameena Priya Mayer, Point Grey Secondary, The Breath of Man
  51. Laura Hinksman, Cedar Junior Secondary, My World
  52. Michelle McLennan, North Island Secondary, Life's Lonely Highway
  53. Amanda Lea, Lakewood Junior Secondary, Lonely
  54. Harmony Hemmerich, Lakewood Junior Secondary, People Are Dying, Children are Crying
  55. Angel, Lord Tweedsmiur Secondary, I Use To, But Not Anymore
  56. Anonymous, Langley Fine Arts, Feelings
  57. Amanda Deorksen, Nechako Valley Secondary, This Girl
  58. Theresa G.Y. Yee, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Poison
  59. Kari Wallman, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Feelings
  60. Karin Schinkel, David Stoddart Secondary, First Love, Last Love
  61. Crystal Bugden, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Love, Do You Understand?
  62. April Dawn Hoffman, Norkam Secondary, War
  63. Pearl Ann Tang, Golden Secondary, My Special Friend
  64. Tracy Elizabeth Cruden, Nakusp Secondary, True Friends
  65. Melissa Egan, Stelly's Secondary, In the Absence of Angles
  66. Kyla N. McDonald, Elphinstone Secondary, Dreams
  67. Chris Fogelklou, Colquitz Junior Secondary, Feghoot
  68. Tanya Watters, Colquitz Junior Secondary, The Moon
  69. Kristina Corey, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, My Friend
  70. James Bennett, Central Middle, The Day of a Student
  71. Kerianne Hemelin, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Our Earth Around Us
  72. Kent Bergstrom, Nechako Valley Secondary, []POÓKUVÉW… (means "Worship" in Greek)
  73. Aurora, L.V. Rogers Secondary, Just the Way It Is
  74. Carolyn Berge, Kelowna Secondary, Sacrificial Offering
  75. Ann-Margaret Gauthier, Fort St. James Secondary, The Flower
  76. Anne May, Stelly's Secondary, Evasion
  77. Rukshana Hussian, Len Sheperd Junior Secondary, This Human Flower
  78. Brian Chand, Windermere Secondary, To Look
  79. Dana Seeman, Stelly's Secondary, Reflection of Eternity
  80. Heather Caswell, Guildford Work & Learn, Desert in the Ocean
  81. Michelle Yeh, Magee Secondary, Loneliness
  82. Andrea Franzen, Golden Secondary, Our World
  83. Jason Yee, Kelowna Secondary, Quiet By Nature
  84. Kristina Corey, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Interrupting Thoughts
  85. Mitch Parr, Golden Secondary, Used and Abused
  86. Pinky Khun-Khun, Golden Secondary, Hate and Dislike
  87. Shayne Brandel, Kelowna Secondary, December's Past
  88. Erich M. Jaster, Stelly's Secondary, A Falcon's Romanticism
  89. Stacey Penno, Golden Secondary, Passion and Spirit
  90. Trevor Goodfellow, Abbotsford Secondary, A Tear of Blood Red
  91. Shannon Davis, Nechako Valley Secondary, Ice Cream Friends
  92. Heather Thompson, Sa-Hali Junior Secondary, A Bright Summer's Day
  93. Kyra Robinson, Magee Secondary, Untitled
  94. Julie Burkhart, Logan Lakie Secondary, The Forest of Enchantment
  95. Carolyn Berge, Kelowna Secondary, Death By Smith and Wesson
  96. Ryan Gowan, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Nazis
  97. Wendy Bergman, Crawford Bay Secondary, Life
  98. Erin Macklem, Kelowna Secondary, You Are Here
  99. Andrea Franzen, Golden Secondary, Untitled
  100. Jennifer Fee, Golden Secondary, Dreams
  101. Anonymous, Langley Fine Arts, Memory
  102. Amy Kimberly Troute, Nakusp Secondary, No More Lies
  103. Juvy Prado, Elkford Secondary, A Love That Grows But Fades
  104. Jury Prado, Elkford Secondary, Time to Say Good-bye
  105. Trena White, Yale Secondary, Dear King Ignorant
  106. Melissa Egan, Stelly's Secondary, In the Photo
  107. Derek Beck, Kelowna Secondary, Over-Crowded Stairs
  108. Angel, Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary, Questions
  109. Athena Watters, Colquitz Junior Secondary, I Am the Metaphor
  110. Connie Su, Templeton Secondary, I Remember
  111. Cathy Cooley, Nechako Valley Secondary, A Great Battle
  112. Kelly Reimer, Langley Fine Arts, Wondering
  113. Tippy Singh, Burnaby North Secondary, Justice is Battered and Blind
  114. Melanie Newell, Charles Bloom Secondary, Her Reflection
  115. Sherri Falkenberg, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Death
  116. Michele Ross, Sardis Secondary, Untitled
  117. Shannon Desjardins, Delta Secondary, Unvoiced Thoughts
  118. Rachel Stern, 100 Mile Junior Secondary, The Joust of Death
  119. Brian Dutkewich, Stelly's Secondary, Who Cares?
  120. Nathan Smith, Hatzic Secondary, The Natasha
  121. Tawnya Bossi, Kelowna Secondary, Mother
  122. Roseanne Harvey, Kamloops Secondary, Untitled
  123. Aurora, L.V. Rogers Secondary, For Me
  124. Gerry Kusz, Cowichan Secondary, Time: A Wonderful Gift
  125. Stacy Bortnick, Grow Center, Love
  126. Allison Fuller, Sardis Secondary, Moonsong
  127. Morgan Amon, Edward Milne Community, Torn By Love
  128. Anne May, Stelly's Secondary, Oblivion
  129. Kirsten Meyer, Esquimalt Secondary, Image in the Mirror
  130. Andrea Franzen, Golden Secondary, Something's Missing
  131. Katie Duncan, Colquitz Junior Secondary, Elastic Band
  132. Kimberly Gregory, George Pringle Secondary, Subversive Envisage
  133. Amy Kimberly Troute, Nakusp Secondary, The World Through a Peace Keeper's Eye
  134. Tavina Grabas, Blackburn Junior Secondary, Good-bye My Love
  135. T.B. Lynch, R.C. Palmer Junior Secondary, Anger
  136. Derek Beck, Kelowna Secondary, Temple
  137. Chani Nicholas, L.V. Rogers Secondary, Unspoken
  138. Kyla N. McDonald, Elphinstone Secondary, Joy
  139. Andrea Franzen, Golden Secondary, Addicted
  140. James gray, Charles Bloom Secondary, Suicide Attempt
  141. Dayna Kneeland, Kelowna Secondary, Sitting
  142. Steve Hubert, Kelowna Secondary, Conductor of the Garden
  143. Jennifer Fee, Golden Secondary, Mob and Crowd
  144. Anonymous, Langley Fine Arts, Untitled
  145. Lorenzo Alex, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, Pride
  146. Hoa Nygen, Mount Klitsa Junior Secondary, The Sword

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